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Overcome The Negative Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected many people's mental health and created new barriers; due to worry and stress over the coronavirus. Social isolation caused more anxiety, frustration, and depression. Painting and art are useful distracting techniques.

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and fear, it is likely that mental health issues will be exacerbated. While we don't provide any psychological advice, we give the tool to help people distract their minds of fear and worries and stay in a healthier state of mind.

We help you focus on beauty and art rather than fear and worry!

No matter how challenging this phase is, it is a phase that will pass and change. Taking care of your mental health is a priority to make it through. The abstract drawings help you utilize your time to create beauty and distract your track of thoughts from fearing the unknown. It is an affordable solution to use at home.

Colors, beauty, and imaginations are therapeutic, will help you overcome the negative impact of COVID-19 on your mental health. It will have you relax and enjoy a good time alone or with your family at home. It is fun, easy, and relaxing.

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