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Do You Google More Than You Doodle

While the digital world is one of the most helpful tools to access information and connect with people, it can be distracting. Unless you doodle more than you google, your mind will get used to being distracted easily.

Staying focused is imperative to achieve goals and succeed. You might be surprised, but doodling is the way to increase your focus while enjoying the digital world and keep googling!

Although school teachers often reprimand students who are doodling and pressure them to stop goofing off and pay attention, recent psychological studies have found that doodling has many benefits that help people stay focused.

The studies proved that doodling prevents a person from daydreaming and getting distracted. It helps him anchor his attention and stay engaged instead of zoning out. They found that doodling helps to increase effective learning, greater productivity, and better performance.

As well, they found that doodling can help stimulate creative insight. It helps a person to process his emotions. It relieves stress and relaxes, and it eliminates overthinking.

What are the doodles? They are random spontaneous shapes that can take many forms, from abstract patterns or designs to drawing real objects.

Use our abstract drawing sets to doodle. They are designed to help you stay focused, process emotions, increase productivity, learning, performace, and creativity.

If you Google you must Doodle!

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