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In a clinical study led under the direction of Dr. Gabriel Acevedo, a Yale trained Sociologist and research methodologies, we worked with groups of people and gave them The Abstract Tray to color our abstract designs. Our objective was to see how they felt during and after coloring our abstract designs to improve their psychological outcome/mental well-being. 

Below we show results to several mental health-related questions from our psychometric questionnaire. As Figure 1 below shows, on measures of tension, depression and anxiety, average scores improved after having participated in our Abstract Tray activity. For each measure, the trend line shows that levels of tension, depression, and anxiety declined after experiencing our therapeutic session using the Abstract Tray. 

figure 1 clinical study.png

Figure 2 shows the percentages from each user experience question: How strongly do you agree/disagree when asked, “The art materials I used today…”

• made me feel relaxed.

• made me feel safe.

• helped me get my mind off my problems.

• are soothing

• made me feel happy

As is evident from the graph, very high percentages show high levels of satisfaction with several dimensions of The Abstract Tray and with their overall experience.


Overwhelming majorities respond with positive sentiments related to key aspects of personal well-being as a result of participating in The Abstract Tray research study.

figure 2 clinical study.png
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