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How The Abstract Tray Works

The human brain is naturally programmed to heal and renew itself. However, when a person focuses on their fear, stressful issues, and past negative experiences, they hold back their brain from doing what it should do naturally. Creating a "Block" making it difficult to process our emotions and thoughts.

The Abstract Tray is designed to help people come out of this emotional "Block". It is a journey that starts with letting go of fear, pain, stress, and confusion. Identifying what makes a person happy, sad, afraid, insecure, and much more. It emerges by stepping into the ability to create new beginnings and revealing the real self.

The Abstract Tray has 6 mindsets or categories that cover each of the emotional phases. Helping a person to focus on the present moment, allowing his brain to relax and do its magic of healing and renewing itself. Accordingly, it helps the brain to come out of the emotional journey, empowering the real self, and improving focus and memory. It improves cognitive skills like problem solving, thinking, organizing, and aspects of personality.

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