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The Abstract Tray


For Children & Adults! Stress and Anxiety Relief, Promotes Self-Focus, Mental Relaxation,
and Emotional Healing, 
Totally Therapeutic. 

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Introducing The Abstract Tray 

The Easiest and Most Beautiful Way To Focus On Yourself 

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Distract Your Mind 
From Negativity & Others

Align Mind and
Hand To Focus
On Your
Positive Characters 

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Relax The Brain and Heal Emotional Wounds

The 3 Simple Steps To Focus On Yourself & Relieve Stress - Watch Now

It Gets Your Mind In A State Of Relaxation, Joy, and Confidence
It Gets You To Focus On Yourself
It Brings Out The Real You

Feel Happier. Feel More Confident. Become The Real You

Thanks To The Effect Of The Abstract Tray 

Unlike ordinary art that makes you focus on creativity in general, the Abstract Tray uses premade original abstract art to help you focus on yourself while coloring. 

I Am Awesome. I Am Blessed. I Am ....

While holding the marker let your mind speak of your positive characters, who you are, and your accomplishments.
Until your mind gets obsessed with you, focused on you, and proud of you. 

Feel Confident. Feel Stronger. Feel Happier and More Productive. 

15-30 minutes a day is all it takes to make yourself the focus
and relieve your stress and anxiety 

The Real You Abstract Set

Is The Easiest and Most Beautiful Way To Focus On Yourself and Bring Out The Real You

While your mind is speaking about nothing but YOU, and your hand is coloring in motion, the present will replace the past, and your awesomeness will overshadow the surrounding negativity and stressful things.  

It Feels Liberating and Empowering

It is the most beautiful way to gain Self-Focus, Self-Assurance, and Self-Confidence.
15-30 minutes a day is all it takes 

Fear Abstract Set

It Is The Most Beautiful Way To Color Your Fear Away 

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Relieve anxiety shifting away from your fear into a positive mindset, colors, beauty, and abstract images.

While coloring, let go of all thoughts by focusing on colors to relax your brain and let go of the lingering negative thoughts  

Feel Relaxed. Feel Relieved and More Open To Solutions
and Positive Change

15-30 minutes a day is all it takes 

Get A Full Abstract Tray Set
Which Includes 5 Different Mindsets 
The Real You, Fear, Happy, Stress, and A New Beginning
50 Sheets of Original Abstract Drawings, Size 13" x 16" 
With A Tray and Markers

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