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The Abstract Tray


World's First Attention Shifter 

Relaxing. Empowering. Therapeutic.

It Shifts Your Attention Away From Stress and Negativity
It Relaxes Your Brain Instantly
It Helps You Release Your Subconscious Thoughts
It Helps You Focus On Yourself and Unveils The Real You

All It Takes Is To Color 

For Adults and Children 

From A Clinical Study,
Here Is How People Felt During and After Coloring
Our Abstract Designs 

Our Best Sellers

The Attention Shifters Coloring Collection

Art For Therapy


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5-Star Google Rating

AL: I am an RN, and as such experience high stress constantly. This tray and the relaxing designs help put my mind at ease and offers an escape. I highly recommend this product!  

Dr. Faith: I absolutely love it. Such a valuable tool to relax the brain shifting attention away from yourself and those things that are stressing you out and onto the present-moment event. 

Meredith: I have no artistic talent, and I was nervous to color. For that reason, I never thought art would do much for me. But, at some point, this did reach me, and even if you have anxiety over art like me, I found this experience very helpful. 

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Dr. Debbie: I love love love it. Such an important healing tool to have. 

Donna: The activity was quite stimulating to add our own spin on the image. Very interesting and thought-provoking activity and product. Thank you!  

Sarah: It helped me express my feelings. I was able to draw what I couldn't say with words, a heart that is still so full but still broken. I love it.  


John: When I was coloring, I moved from focusing on my anger and then to sadness. Childhood sadness and traumatic experiences. Things I don't think about and that came out in the art. It is helping me heal. 

Dori shared with us a letter she wrote expressing her feelings about the pandemic after coloring our abstract designs: Thank you! 

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