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The Abstract Tray’s Founder & CEO of An Abstract Mind LLC  Jeff Losner created the “Abstract Art” approach to Education, Health & Wellbeing for all ages. Sharing the benefits he experienced while painting his abstract art. This was the engine that triggered the idea of establishing the Abstract Tray to help individuals heal, focus on themselves, and free their minds from negative experiences. 

Jeff Losner designed various abstract drawings covering different emotional states' for all ages. Allowing individuals to express themselves freely without being judged, release their negative emotions, and accentuate their positive feelings by creating unlimited images of his abstract drawings.


"As a self-taught artist, I became extremely interested in the effects of practicing abstract art to achieve relaxation. The further I ventured down the rabbit hole, the more I learned how others benefit from an abstract mind".   

Helping individuals shift their attention away from negativity, focus on themselves, heal emotional wounds, feel better about themselves, free their minds, relax, and expand their imagination through abstract art is our mission at The Abstract Tray. 

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