The Full Set Includes: 

- 5 different mindsets: The Real You, Fear, Happy, Stress, and New Beginning. Each mindsetset includes 10 sheets of original abstract drawings, size 13" x 16". It comes with a wood tray and colors. 

It Is The Ultimate Self-Focus Set

- "The Real You": Helps you focus on yourself, bring out the real you, and distract from negativity. While coloring focus your thoughts on your positive characters, who you are, and your accomplishments. Feel Confident. Feel Happy. Be You. 

- "Fear": Helps you focus on the present moment event to let go of fear and the lingering negative thoughts.

Focus on coloring, let go of all thoughts!

- "Happy": Helps you Be Happy!

While coloring, focus your thoughts on yourself, your positive characters, and joyful events.

- "Stress": Helps you shift your mind away from the things that are stressing you focusing on the present moment event. It relaxes the brain, relieves stress and anxiety.  

- "New Beginning": Helps you create a new beginning.

While coloring focus your thoughts on new beginnings and happier life. 

The Abstract Tray Many Mindsets - Wood

  • The Abstract Drawings are original pieces, designed by Jeff Losner, copyrighted. Printed in USA

    The wood tray is made in the USA